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In March 2021 BOSAQ, a company that develops innovative technology for decentralised drinking water purification solutions, was selected as the first Cleantech Hero Water technology. After an initial selection, three finalists were chosen: BOSAQ, Hydrovolta and InOpSys. In the end, the jury decided that BOSAQ was the perfect ambassador. In its report, the jury praised the company not only for its strong commitment to circular water use, but also for its attention to socially responsible entrepreneurship. BOSAQ donates at least 10 % of its profits to the non-profit organisation Water Heroes, which helps vulnerable local communities gain access to better sanitary facilities and clear drinking water. BOSAQ also takes care of technology transfer to the local population. It manages to combine sustainable objectives and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Its international approach and ambition and the fact that the company aligns its business goals with the SDGs strengthened its position.


BOSAQ develops innovative technology for decentralised drinking water treatment solutions. BOSAQ’s systems transform any ambient water into drinking water in the most energy and operationally efficient manner. The projects are clearly linked to the SDGs of the United Nations. SDG 6 (clean water and sanitation) is central to this, but through the approach other SDGs such as quality education, health, innovation, sustainable energy, gender equality, etc. are also addressed. BOSAQ provides areas with decentralised drinking water with the highest quality guarantee with technology transfer to the local population and the establishment of a local economy to give the projects a long-term chance of success. A sustainable approach along the entire line of project/concept implementation.

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