InIn 2020, the cleantech sector reported 125 funding rounds initiated by 61 actors. This led to a total of 1,32B€ of investments. This relates to an average of 10,56M€ per funding round, but this varies wildly between the different membership types. Pioneers raised 158.4 M€ over 9 rounds (or 17,6 M€ on average) by 8 actors. Tech providers featured 33 actors launching 68 funding rounds, raising 260,69 M€ (Avg. 3,83 M€/round). The implementors raised the bulk of the capital. 19 Implementors raised approximately 900 M€ over 48 funding rounds (or 8, 74 M€ on average per round). In contrast, Enablers raised no funds.

De domeinen die het gros van de investeringen ophaalden houden verband met energie. Vestas (een Deense leverancier van windturbines met 2 faciliteiten in Vlaanderen) alleen wierf meer dan € 700 mln. en domineert zo het algemene investeringslandschap binnen cleantech. Maar andere succesvolle investeringsrondes worden vooral bevolkt door verschillende organisaties die diensten of producten aanbieden in verband met duurzame energie. 

The distribution of funding vehicles displays that cleantech companies in Flanders employ a wide variety of options to raise funds. It is worthwhile mentioning that grants remain a crucial and popular (18 out of 125 reported funding rounds were grants, or 14.4%) source of investment, it only accounts for a total of 20,90 M€ (or <2% of total investments). The main form of funding type accessed by the cleantech actors is categorized as “Other”, comprising various funding forms typically provided by incubators, accelerators, and venture capitalists. 


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